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Located in Legal, Alberta, SVF provides versatile custom packaging solutions for businesses in the agriculture, oilfield and manufacturing industries.

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Experienced National Co-Packers

Our team has extensive experience with partners across the country. Our location in Western Canada near a major urban center provides a logistical competitive advantage.

For our current customers and prospective partners, our packaging system optimization allows us to package an expansive collection of packaging and sizes.


We Offer a Variety of Packaging Sizes Through Our SVF & TERICO Brands.

 Our Terico & SVF brands allow us to provide a variety of size options for businesses in the agriculture, oilfield, and manufacturing sectors.

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Packaging by Palletizing.

Watch the video below to learn about our semi-automated bagging and stacking system.

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Capable of stacking 20+ bags per minute.


Handles loads up to 40KG (88lbs).

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Palletizer compatible with a variety of bag sizes.

Our duplex bagging scale is capable of speeds exceeding 20 bags per minute. The scale is supported by a palletizing robot that works in conjunction with a versatile staging robot. This system allows us to have high output with consistent stacking quality.


bags of ice-melt packaged per year.


bags of fertilizer packaged per year.


for maximum customization and efficiency.

All Orders Stored In

50,000 Square Foot Warehouse.

Our packaging facility is located in Legal, AB, where we have more than 50,000 sq. ft of storage to use as a jump-off point for distributors across Western Canada.

We offer customized product packaging to meet your specifications and all of our scaled weights are verified by certified scales.

Meet The Team That Makes It All Possible.

At SVF, the heart of our service is due to the hard work provided by our strong and dedicated team.

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