We are excited to announce that we have opened back up to the general public! You can now purchase individual bags of our specialized fertilizer and grass seed at both the St. Albert and Legal locations.

In regards to COVID-19, Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers Ltd. is still taking notable precautions to keep our customers and employees safe. Some of these precautions include:

– Increased cleaning and sanitization within the buildings

– Splash guards have been installed at both reception locations

– Social distancing is still being actively encouraged and we ask that anyone who is not feeling well to consider rescheduling their visit

We want to thank you for your patience and support throughout this process and we look forward to your return!

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  • Jet Blue Ice Fighter
    “JETBLUE™ Ice Fighter is taking the fight to snow and ice, made from the latest in runway de-icing technology used at major commercial airports and military bases in North America. JETBLUE™’s unique formulation allows for faster and longer lasting ice melting capability, while sparing
  • Pea Leef Weevil
    The Pea Leaf Weevil is steadily moving North through Alberta. They overwinter in shelterbelts, ditches, and perennial legumes. When temperatures reach above 17°C they begin to migrate, flying from field to field. Source: Alberta Agriculture The larvae feed on nodules, impeding Nitrogen fixation.
  • Lawn Seed
    With the ever-varying Spring weather, it may be hard to determine when is the best time to seed or overseed your lawn. Here at SVF, we work hand-in-hand with Pickseed to give you the best products to produce the best results. There are, however, many techniques that you can also use to help you
  • HeadStart Seed Treatment
    Thinking of seed treating or applying a nutrient seed dressing this spring? If so, Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers has a broad range of products to offer plus an on-farm custom treating service called HeadStart. Talk with one of our agronomists to find out more. Our new Storm Pro treater provides
  • Preharvest Spraying
    Preharvest spraying is done either for perennial weed control or to desiccate the crop prior to harvest. Glyphosate products are primarily used for perennial weed control and the timing of the application is very important. Some excellent tips on the spray timing of glyphosate products can be found
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