Packaging & Distribution

Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers offers packaged fertilizers and ice melting products for wholesale, commercial and industrial purposes. Catering to the agricultural, oilfield and manufacturing sectors, SVF carries a wide range of products to cover many applications. SVF has developed strong relationships with key suppliers such as Agrium and IRM, and has access to nutrients offered all over the globe. Small bagged or pailed packages varying from 5kg to 25 kg and larger mini-bulk bags varying from 500 kgs to 1250 kgs offer customers flexibility for their packaging needs.

Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers also sells 25 kilogram bags of fertilizer and ice melts. The TERICO brand, developed and marketed by Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers offers customers a wide range of blends to meet the ever growing small acreage requirements.

These blends have been designed to maximize plant response while maintaining adequate nutrients in the soil. Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers uses the best nutrients in order to provide our customers the best possible fertilizer blends available. Please contact us for more information on the blend that will work best for you.

Commercial and industrial customers requesting large quantities of specialty blends are encouraged to contact SVF for a quote on their requirements.  Many macro and micro nutrients are either here or can be ordered in as needed.

Our inventory tracking and segregating systems allow us to offer co-packing services. Bags, pails, jugs, mini-bulk bags are packaging options that can be filled, labeled and palletized at our Legal location. With over 50,000 sq/ft of storage for packaged goods, distribution from our site is easily achieved.

Multiple storage bins facilitate the blending of different products. All scaled weights are verified by certified scales. Please contact us for your packaging requirements.

At SVF, customer and employee safety is a primary concern. We ensure that all staff have all required training and skills to work in a manufacturing environment.

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