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Custom Packaging

SVF offers customized packaging services. We currently package dry fertilizer and ice melt products for wholesale, commercial and industrial use. Catering to the agricultural, oilfield, and manufacturing sectors, we carry a wide range of products and services to ensure your needs are covered.


About Our Packaging Operation

SVF also offers contracted custom packaging services to companies across Canada.
Through our refined inventory tracking and segregating system, you can be assured
that your products are handled with precision and experience.

Why Package with SVF

Semi-Automated Packaging - SVF's packaging system boasts 2 packaging robots:

- M-410iC/185 Four Axis- Bag stacking robot

-M-410iC/110 Four Axis – Pallet Gripping Robot

Our duplex bagging scale is capable of speeds exceeding 20 bags per minute. The scale is supported by a palletizing robot that works in conjunction with a versatile staging robot.  This system allows us to have high output with consistent stacking quality.

The part of our system that is not automated is the hanging/filling of the bag. Other fully automated systems have limited capabilities for what types of bags may be run through. With human input on the hanging/filling process, we are able to produce a wider variety of packaging types than a fully automated system.

Types of Packaging:

  • Bagged Products (Various Sizes) 

  • Jugs & Pails

  • Mini Bulk Bags


Meet Our Packaging Team

Meet the team that makes it all possible.


Our In Door Storage Facility

Our packaging facility is located in Legal, AB, where we have more than 50,000 sq/ft of storage space to use as a jump-off point for distribution across Western Canada.

We offer customized product packaging to meet your specification needs and multiple storage bins capable of blending and housing products. All of our scaled weights are verified by certified scales.


Bags of ice melt packaged per year.


Bags of fertilizer packaged per year.


For maximum customization and efficiency.


Start Packaging With SVF Now.

SVF is uniquely equipped to handle your packaging needs.


Get in touch with us today and find out how we are able to serve your packaging needs.

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Agronomy Services

Maximize your growing potential with expert guidance from experienced agronomists.

Other Services


Custom Application

Custom services include everything from soil sampling to spreading and spraying. SVF also provides sound agronomic advice to growers through their P.Ag., RT.Ag., or CCA qualified agronomists.



SVF rents out both pull-type fertilizer spinner spreaders and a Valmar. These rental spreaders are available for customers that like to do their own spreading or seeding. NH3 tanks are also available to rent out during the spring and the fall.

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St. Albert


55003 Range Rd 253, Sturgeon County, T8T 1R8

Phone: 780-458-6015
Fax: 780-460-7373

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57402 Range Rd 252A, Legal, T0G 1L0

Phone: 780-961-3088

Fax: 780-961-3084

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