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Bagged Fertilizer

Lawn & Garden Smiles (24-8-15): This is a special blend for lawn and turf, containing Polymer Coated Urea. The PCU releases nitrogen slowly throughout the growing season, consequently eliminating “lawn burn”. Lawn & Garden Smiles now includes iron (Fe) to help give your lawn a richer color. 

25-10-12: This fertilizer blend is popular for many lawns. Two applications a year will provide a well-balanced nutrient supply to keep your lawn looking healthy and lush all year long.

14-16-10: This is a good blend to enhance the productivity of your garden. It provides a generous supply of the four essential nutrients required for healthy plant development – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) and Sulphur (S). This blend is also used as a fall fertilizer for lawn.

19-18-19: This blend is beneficial for trees. Successive applications will result in healthier, fuller growth for both deciduous and coniferous trees.

11-52-0 and 8-38-16: These products are very helpful for newly established lawns, and lawns that are patchy or thin. 8-38-16 is also a great blend for newly planted trees. Both products contain higher levels of phosphorus, which stimulate root development, and potassium in 8-38-16, which improves cold hardiness and tolerance to heat, drought and diseases.

Fertilizer is sold in 25 kilogram bags.

Grass Seed

Prairie Green Lawn Seed (10 or 25 Kg): This seed is an all-purpose blend for both lawn and playground. It is a mixture of 40% Kentucky Bluegrass, 40% Creeping Red Fescue and 20% Perennial Ryegrass.

Other varieties of lawn seed available by special order are Envirogreen, Perfection, and Dura Green.

Weed Control in Farmyards

These chemicals can only be sold to farmers and acreage owners. A rural address, name, and phone number are required.

Not for sale to people living in cities or towns unless they have a pesticide applicators license. This is a government regulation and not negotiable.

Par III (10L): This chemical is a concentrated formula that is typically used to kill dandelions and other broadleaf weeds found within your lawn.

Round Up (10L): This is a non-selective chemical that is used to kill all plants.

Casoron (22.7 Kg): This granular herbicide is typically used in berry bushes to kill weeds.

Ice Melt

Jet Blue Ice Fighter (20 Kg): Suitable for both commercial and residential use. This unique, pet-friendly formulation allows for faster and longer lasting ice melting capability, while sparing your vehicles & property from the corrosion and toxicity found when using traditional road salt. Its low application rate, bright colour and superior ice melting ability will make sure you have the edge on winter’s worst storms.

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