Custom Application

Custom services include everything from soil sampling to spreading and spraying. SVF also provides sound agronomic advice to growers through their P.Ag., RT.Ag., or CCA qualified agronomists.

Equipment Rental

SVF rents out both pull type fertilizer spinner spreaders and a Valmar. These rental spreaders are available for customers that like to do their own spreading or seeding. NH3 tanks are also available to rent out during the spring and the fall.

Custom Spreading

SVF offers custom application of fertilizers, forage seed and canola seed. We offer this service using modern AgChem TerraGator floaters equipped with GPS autosteer and excellent operators.

Custom Spraying

SVF can accurately and safely apply all crop protection products. Whether it’s a pre-seed burn down, in crop herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, preharvest or postharvest our fleet of current John Deere, GPS equipped sprayers have you covered. SVF also has micro nutrients to apply at late herbicide or at fungicide timing. Our trained and qualified operators are key to the success of the spraying division.

Farm Delivery

We can help you out by delivering liquid or granular fertilizers right to your yard or field while you continue seeding.

Seed Treating

SVF now offers “Headstart”, a mobile seed treating service. With our Storm Pro seed treater we treat seed right on your farm. With one of our knowledgeable staff running the treater your seed will have the accurate even coverage required for effective protection from seedling diseases. We can also apply nutrient seed dressings at the same time to promote early plant growth. In 2017, SVF treated over 38,000 bushels for our producers.

Soil and Tissue Sampling

SVF has the equipment and knowledge to test your soil. With our soil sampling truck and GPS equipment we can get a benchmark soil sample. From this information we can make informed recommendations based off the lab results, which allows us to see the nutrient trends in the soil.


SVF Rx is a new service we offer to farmers who have equipment with variable rate fertilizer capabilities. Fields are tested for electrical conductivity and divided into different management zones. Our experienced agronomists soil test each area to determine specifically what fertilizers each zone requires. Point Forward Solutions works with SVF and you to develop prescription maps for your fields and your particular seeding equipment. Managing your fields to a new level, SVF Rx will help you achieve the highest possible return on your investment. This can be accomplished by saving fertilizer costs on poor areas, fertilizing good soil zones more effectively, or a combination of both. A check strip is left and is used to evaluate the benefits of this leading technology.

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