About SVF

Since 1967, the loyal support of our many customers has built our business to become a major contributor in the local business community. Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers has two locations to serve your needs. The St. Albert location is situated six miles north of the city of St. Albert at the junction of highway 2 and highway 37. The Legal facility is 1 mile west of Legal, Alberta. We are an innovative company that works hard to make our customers successful.

At Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers we value honesty, integrity and strive to maintain a balance between our personal and professional lives. We have a strong commitment to provide quality products and services to our customers.

Our three main areas of service are:

  1. Crop Inputs
  2. Custom Application
  3. Packaging & Distribution

Company History

Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers St. Albert location was built in 1976. The facility consisted of a small office, fertilizer storage, blending facility and shop. Over time our customer base grew to a point where we needed to expand the business. Because of this increase, other buildings and structures have been added to the original plant site. Examples of these would be our bag fertilizer shed, phase three chemical warehouse and fertilizer tower.

In 1986 the need for a second plant site was evident. The northern trade area had grown to a point where it was now feasible to open a second facility, hence the Legal location was born. At this time Sherritt Fertilizers was scaling down their fertilizer packaging division. We saw this as an opportunity and purchased some of the old bagging equipment from Sherritt. This was a huge venture for a smaller privately owned company. Over the years this has grown to be a major contributor to the success of SVF in business.

Contact Us

(St. Albert) 780-458-6015

(Legal) 780-961-3088